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Autonomous Lethal Robots -as-a-Service?

Posted by Calvin Bradshaw on 17-Jun-2015 11:22:00

With the upcoming release of the new "Terminator" movie, I thought I would share some thoughts I had on a topic that had come to my attention recently: Autonomous Lethal Robots.

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5 Reasons I WON'T be buying an Apple Watch. Yet.

Posted by Calvin Bradshaw on 10-Mar-2015 12:18:00


Confession: I love everything Apple. I have, or have had, one (or more) of most of the things Apple has ever made (except Mac Pro).   Also, I am an early tech adopter, I like data, and I can afford the $350-$500 it will cost.

Am I not the the target audience, the perfect candidate, for an Apple Watch?

Here are five reasons I WON'T be buying an Apple watch just yet!

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Topics: Gadgets

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