Outsourcing our end-user IT Service Desk to Service Innovation has played a key role in enabling the IT team to re-focus on delivering innovative new technologies and applications to support the Simonds Homes business. This has meant we have been able to regularly roll out new IT projects and enhancements, with complete confidence that our end-users will be comprehensively and cost-effectively supported. In short, this has enabled Simonds Homes to transform the IT team from being a cost centre to delivering a significant competitive advantage to our business

Peter Kelly, CIO, Simonds Homes

Engaging Service Innovation and their ServiceNow toolset has given DMS full visibility of team workloads, trends, and problem areas etc. This complete picture of where we are spending our time and resources enables us to ensure we focus on the tasks that keep our employees productive. Better resourcing visibility also assists us to make more informed decisions on our IT spend, which in turn, assists us to support our company cost reduction initiatives.

Kieran Deane, Group IT Manager, Diversified Mining Services


We outsourced our IT Service Desk to Service innovation over a year ago, and it was one of the best decisions we made. As well as the predictable monthly costs (with no additional charges), the team at Service Innovation are friendly and knowledgeable, and the end-user feedback has been very positive. The end user support is delivered to contracted service levels, and i have complete visibility of that service level compliance, and end-user satisfaction. Also, the ServiceNow ticketing system is available to me at any time, enabling me to check on the status of and incidents and requests, or view any of the real-time reports.

Cameron McDonald, Financial Controller, Winslow Constructors

Service Innovation provides our IT Service Desk and end user support. However, rather than a typical outsourced provider, they act more like an extension of my team. One of the big advantages of this approach is that it enables us to really focus on the IT strategy and current projects, with the confidence that the end users are being supported. In addition, the visibility of incident and request workloads, and the comprehensive reporting that is available in the Service Innovation ServiceNow tool, ensures we know exactly where any challenges are, and we can then redirect resources where needed to keep the users productive. We certainly could not sustain this rate of new IT projects without Service Innovation keeping the end users productive.

Nathan Sutcliffe, IT Service Delivery Manager, Simonds Homes